Best Winter Holiday Crafts For 2nd Graders

Winters are beautiful for bringing calm, peace, and snow in our lives. We get to enjoy so many things in the snowy weather like making snowmen, working on holiday décor, having snow fights and so much more. But there is a lot more than these integral winter activities to perform and make your winters more enjoyable and fun. Here we have brought to you Best Winter Holiday Crafts For 2nd Graders which are entirely kid’s friendly too. So not only you can use these activities to bring winter vibes in your home but also keep your kids busy while it’s cold and snowing outside.

Most of these lovely winter Crafts are marked by the symbolic wintery things like the snowflake, snowman, and the trees. There are so many ideas to work up the custom winter snowman crafts using a variety of materials. Kids can draw and paint a snowman, make one out of the toilet role, and colorful paper. There are gorgeous and whimsy snowflake projects to make out of tissue papers, doilies, and paper plates, and let kids have a well-spent winter weekend at home. For more fun and cuter ideas, you can pick up to make the cute penguins out of the egg cartons and the polar bear with a paper plate and a paper cup. Check out all these ideas with easy details and instructions right on the links given below. (Best Winter Holiday Crafts For 2nd Graders)

Cotton Ball Snowman Easy Winter Craft:

Cotton Ball Snowman Easy Winter Craft DIY

(Winter Holiday Crafts) Make your winters super fun for yourself and for your kids with this cotton ball snowman easy winter craft. Just take a Craft Paper and draw the snowman on it. The real fun lies in dressing up this snowman with cotton balls, twig hands, and some snowflake embellishments all around. You can follow the details of the idea right here!

Tutorial: alittlepinchofperfect

Doily Snowman Craft:

DIY Doily Snowman Craft

Make the most of the doilies lying in your chest by doing this super cute and fun doily snowman craft. Join two doilies and the basic body of the snowman is ready. Then funk up this doily Snowman with colorful buttons, painted face features and the craft paper cut nose and scarf around the neck. Follow the detailed tutorial right here! (Winter Holiday Crafts)


Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Egg Carton Penguins:

DIY Egg Carton Penguins

Make the most of your empty egg cartons this cold season by making these cutest egg carton penguins. The kids are going to love doing this egg carton penguin Project as it involves painting. Firstly cut the cup out of the carton and let the kids paint it black and white. Then help them cut out the penguin’s feet, eyes, and beak and glue them up on their respective spots. Details here!


Tutorial: onelittleproject

Festive Winter Window Craft:

Festive Winter Window Craft DIY

Snowflakes are like the official symbol of the winter season so here we have brought to you this festive winter window craft. This gorgeous snowflake frame is easy to make out of the paper frame in black, colorful tissue paper cutouts, and the black paper cut snowflake. Learn to make this fun window craft with your kids right here! (Winter Holiday Crafts)


Tutorial: kindercraze

Glittery Mason Jar Snow Globe:

DIY Glittery Mason Jar Snow Globe

Not only summers there are so many fun crafts for the kids to have fun during the winters too. Here is this lovely glittery Mason jar snow globe that you and your kids can easily make with few handy supplies. So get your hands on a Mason jar with a lid, a colorful miniature Christmas tree, Elmer’s glue, and the glitter. You can check out the details here!


Tutorial: heyletsmakestuff

How To Make Snow Slime:

How To Make Snow Slime

Winters bring us the snow to have so much fun with. Now the kids can have some indoor fun with the snow using this snow slime. Not only playing with this snow slime but making it is equal fun too. So join with your kids on winter noon and make this lovely snow slime using things like liquid starch, Elmer’s glue, and the artificial snow. Details here! (Winter Holiday Crafts)


Tutorial: frugalfun4boys

Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art:

Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art DIY

Here is how you can keep your kids busy at home when it is snowing outside. This paper plate snowflake yarn art is the perfect thing to share with your kids on a wintery Sunday. So take the paper plates and draw snowflakes on them. Then take yarn of your choice and work up this snowflake via needled stitches. Follow the details here!


Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

Paper Roll Snowman Craft:

DIY Paper Roll Snowman Craft

The winters are so undone without doing some fun and cute snowman crafts and here is this paper roll snowman craft project for you. So get the empty toilet rolls and cover them in a white paper wrap. Then draw snowman face features and add a colored paper nose and scarf to the snowman and it’s done. The kids are going to fall in love with this easy and cute craft. Details here!


Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Polar Bear Masks:

Polar Bear Masks DIY

Winter fun needs some cool and crazy winter crafts and these polar bear masks are one of them. The cute polar bear masks would be so much fun to make and later put on and have fun playing with. So the things you need to make these polar bear masks are paper plates, paper fruit cups, tissue paper, and black cardstock. Follow the details here! (Winter Holiday Crafts)


Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

Watercolor Doily Snowflakes:

Watercolor Doily Snowflakes DIY

The doilies with their gorgeous and intricate pattern can turn into a lovely snowflake in minutes. Kids would love to do this watercolor doily snowflakes project and bring some winter vibes to the winter home. Just paint the doilies in blue and purple and then cut out the snowflake pattern once the doilies are dry. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: craftymorning

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