Easiest Weekend DIY Projects For Decoration

The weekend is the time to relax and get ourselves entertained by indulging in our favorite activities. While most of us like to watch movies or read a book, many like to be creative with their crafty skills too. So for all the crafty persons, we have brought these Easiest Weekend DIY Projects For Decoration to have so much fun with. Getting busy with the crafts is as relaxing and entertaining as other recreational activities so they are a great buster for the stress and the tiredness of the whole week. Even the non-crafty people can enjoy getting their hands dirty with these fun weekend crafts and kick off their crafty disabilities.

This simple and short round-up of the Weekend Projects hints on the home décor ideas majorly and that is going to make these crafts more joyful. Many projects are to be done with a concrete mixture like concrete vases, concrete pudding cup candle holders, and painting them in your desired hues and patterns. Another fun idea shared here is to add some interesting lighting to your spaces either for the fun bbq summer nights or for a party. So grab the simple stirring lights and add the ping pong balls to each light and get it funked up in minutes. Also, you would confront an idea of the terracotta pots being tiered via wooden boards and rope support to create an inside vertical garden. Check out all these ideas with details right below!

Milk Bottle Mold Concrete Vases:

DIY Milk Bottle Mold Concrete Vases

Make your weekends fully creative by doing some smart projects just like these milk bottle mold concrete vases. Yes, those empty milk bottles and the concrete mixture can shape up these gorgeous and solid vases. Paint them in the desired way and with favorite hues to let them complement your home décor. Check out the details here!


Tutorial: piepmatz

Cutest Mod Pompom Stool:

Cutest Mod Pompom Stool DIY

It’s time to indulge in some fun and a functional craft for the weekend. You can get your stool and turn it into this gorgeous and super cute pom beauty. Yes take a big pile of the colorful pom poms in varied sizes and then glue them to the boring and dull stool. This delighted and colorful version of the pom stool is going to perfectly fit in your summer home. Details here!


Tutorial: blogremobilia

DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights:

DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights

Do you have some party plans for the weekend? If yes then here is the perfect idea to add some catchy and cool lighting to your spaces. Just get your regular Christmas lights and restyle them with the ping pong balls. Just get a big bunch of the ping pong balls and attached them to each light and complete your strings. Follow the details here!


Tutorial: thesurznickcommonroom

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger:

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

Dedicate your weekend to the boost up of your home décor by working up this lovely project of the DIY vertical plant hanger. The things you need to make these lovely planters are wooden boards, terracotta pots, and ropes. The pots have been fixed on the wooden boards and tiered via ropes. Check out more here!


Tutorial: iheartnaptime

Recycled Pudding Cup Candleholder Craft:

Recycled Pudding Cup Candleholder Craft

Do you have some pudding cups lying uselessly in the kitchen for some time? Here is the idea of making this recycled pudding cup candleholder craft. Prepare a cemented mixture and then use your pudding cups as molds to get the most robust. And long-lasting concrete candle holders for your dinner or party décor. Details of the idea here!


Tutorial: rheintopf

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