20 Summer Projects For Teens And Tweens_DIY

Teenage is one of the toughest phases of life as we are leaving our childhood and entering adulthood. So is the case with teen crafts as we have to choose the crafty projects which are not childlike easy and complicated like adults. To sort out your problems we have brought to you these 20 Summer Projects For Teens And Tweens_DIY. These amazing summer craft projects are perfect for teens for being interesting, fun, and full of learning skills and gaining creativity. Also, these summer projects are going to keep the teens busy on summer afternoons and boost their energy productively.

These summer projects cater to the specific interests and talents of your teens too. For example, the paint lovers have some lovely painting projects like painting the mason jars and turning them into desk organizers. Also jazzing up a pocket mirror with nail polish by painting it just like cute dragon fruit, and painting the river stones with paisley. The teens can make pretty gifts for their dear and near ones via their crafty fun and we have a lot of fun ideas for that too. The yummy and cute looking watermelon soap, colorful sour soap pops, cotton candy lip scrub, fabric bracelets, flower crown, floral baskets, earphone holders and so much more. Check out the details of these super cute and fun ideas right on the links below.

15-Minute DIY Watermelon Soap:

15 Minute DIY Watermelon Soap

Keep your teen girls busy during the summer with these 15 minute DIY watermelon soap idea. The gorgeous looking watermelon shape and colors make this soap craft super summer-friendly. They can use these watermelon soaps as the perfect gifts for their mom, aunt, and friends too. Also, they are quick to make in just 15 minutes. Details here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Back To School Mason Jars:

How to Make Back to School Mason Jar Pencil Holders

Let your kids prepare a gift for the back to school with this idea of the Mason jar organizer and vase. Grab three mason jars and paint them with the acrylic paint hues to hold your pencils and markers. The center jar is painted with chalkboard paint so that you can kiddos can write off some cute phrases on them and fill them with flowers. Details here!

Tutorial: masonjarcraftslove

DIY Color Block Melt and Pour Soap Pops:

DIY Color Block Melt and Pour Soap Pops

Teens love to do crafts which are cute and colorful just like this DIY color block melt and pour soap pops. They can make these totally fun and cool looking soap pops and use them as gifts for any of their favorite ladies around. So provide them with the soup base, essential oils, colors, and rubbing alcohol to make these cutest soap pops. Details here!

Tutorial: themakeupdummy

DIY Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub:

DIY Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

(Summer Projects For Teens) Teen girls are really attracted to things related to healthy skin and makeup. So this idea of the DIY cotton candy sugar lip scrub is just perfect for them to get their hands on. The yummy sugar lip scrub is made with granulated sugar, coconut oil, and colored up with pink and blue food colors. Check out the full recipe here!

Tutorial: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

DIY Dragon Fruit Mirror Makeover:

DIY Dragon Fruit Mirror Makeover

Make back to school time full of fun and excitement with projects like this DIY dragon fruit mirror makeover. The girls would love to give a pocket mirror this super cute dragon fruit makeover. Using only the nail polishes and something to create dots you can work up this project so nice and easy with your girls. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: themakeupdummy

DIY Galaxy in a Jar:

DIY Galaxy in a Jar

Teens and tweens are super attracted to space and galaxy that is why we have here this DIY galaxy in a jar. Using the glitter, cotton balls, glitter, and the paint hues they can easily create this gorgeous DIY galaxy in the jar. Both boys and girls are going to equally fascinated by this fun and cool project for sure. Details here!

Tutorial: diyprojectsforteens

DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases:

DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

Let the kids get excited for back to school with these DIY glittery graphic pencil cases. The teen boys and girls would love to make this lovely glittery graphic pencil case using templates, glitter, confetti, and glue. They can print up any of the shapes and designs on the pencil cases or simply load them with glitter. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: studiodiy

DIY No-Sew Pop Tart Pillow:

DIY No Sew Pop Tart Pillow

Arouse the art and craft skills and creativity in your teens with ideas like this DIY no-sew pop tart pillow. Using the felt, pom-poms and the fabric glue you and your girls can easily make these super fun and cute looking DIY no-sew pop tart pillows. These pop tart pillows are going to be their favorite for being so catchy and cool. Details of the idea here!

Tutorial: awwsam

DIY Painted Geometric Pineapple:

DIY Painted Geometric Pineapple

(Summer Projects For Teens) Bring some fruity fun to your summer home with this DIY painted geometric pineapple. Yes, the geometric pineapple here has been painted with catchy paint hues of acrylic, blue, yellow, gold, and beige. For the geometric pattern, you need a cardboard cut triangle and trace t with a led pencil all over the board. Details here!

Tutorial: madeinaday

DIY Seashell Candles:

DIY Seashell Candles

Bring some sea and beech to your spaces with these DIY seashell candles. You can grab a big bunch of these big sized seashells and turn them into these exotic summer seashell candles. The things you need along with seashells are the candle wicks and the candle wax. Check out the step by step details of the idea here!

Tutorial: budgetsavvydiva

Easy Plastic Spoon Spring Flower Garland:

Easy Plastic Spoon Spring Flower Garland

Here is this easy plastic spoon spring flower garland to use as the backdrop of your party décor and they are super easy and cheap to make. Using the colorful plastic spoons and some pom poms you can easily make this pretty flower garland. The things you need are the plastic spoon heads and the pom poms. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: club.chicacircle

Easy Tissue Paper Canvas Art:

DIY Tissue Paper Canvas Art

These gorgeous canvas art pieces seem to be made by professionals but surprisingly they are made super easily and cheaply at home. Here are these easy tissue paper canvas art pieces that you can make with simple canvases, glue, and the tissue paper cut mini triangles. You can check out the details of the idea right on the link here!

Tutorial: mamaplusone

Fabric Wrapped Bangles:

The Perfect 5 minute DIY Bracelet

You can make the pretty bangles on your own and that too with the feasible supplies lying around. Here is this fabric wrapped bangles idea to make some pretty bangles and adorn them with your cool tops and tanks. Just grab the hander wire and your fabric scrap to do this lovely project which is going to make perfect gifts too. Details here!

Tutorial: alittlecraftinyourday

Flower Crown:

DIY Flower Crown

Make your summer ventures more fun and beautiful with this lovely flower crown. This floral crown can be lovely for your long maxi dresses for a really gorgeous photoshoot for any summer party. So grab some wire and the colorful faux flowers to make this pretty flower crown to adorn your dress-ups. Details of the idea here!

Tutorial: pattymacknits

Flower Embellished Basket:

DIY Flower Embellished Basket

Make your throw basket look the best with this gorgeous flower embellished basket. The basket is adorned with colorful faux roses and a glue gun. You can arrange these flowers in any of the ways you like. This basket with flowers is going to look so pretty standing on your tables and desks. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: mesewcrazy

Make An Earphone Holder:

Make An Earphone Holder

The teens are super conscious about their earphone holders so they can make themselves this earphone holder. So all you need is empty and colorful min containers and do a little makeover on them using the colorful and contrasting fabric scrap pieces. Also, rings have been added to these earphone holders so that they can be hung over the bags for convenience. Details here!

Tutorial: makeit-loveit

Painted Paisley Stones:

Painted Paisley Stones DIY

If you have river stones around then grab them as you can make these super gorgeous painted paisley stones for your garden or home décor. The paint hues you need are black as the base, and the metallic paint hues in vibrant paint hues to create the lovely paisley patterns on the stones. You can check out the details of the idea here!

Tutorial: suzyssitcom

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towels:

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towels DIY

Summers are known for two main things and those are the rainbows and the beach towels. The towels are tie-dye with the rainbow hues and the name of yours to make the towels super custom and cute. The kids are really going to love these pretty personalized tie-dye beach towels and here are the details of doing it.

Tutorial: kids activities blog

Summer Painted Planters:

DIY Summer Painted Planters

Terracotta pots can be made to look super and stylish with this idea of the summer painted planters. The theme used to paint these planter pots is the summer fruit theme. The bigger terracotta pot is turned into the pineapple and the smaller into a watermelon and the lime. You can check out the details of the idea here!

Tutorial: thecraftedsparrow

Tropical Tote Bags Summer Camp Craft with Stencil Revolution:

Tropical Tote Bags Summer Camp Craft with Stencil Revolution

Need some gift ideas for your loved ones? How about helping your teens to create these lovely tropical tote bags for summer camp? Using pretty stencils like that of a pineapple, flamingo, and the peacock and acrylic paint hues you can easily make these pretty tote bags. So grab some plain canvas totes and make these pretty summer camp bags. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: doodlecraftblog

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