11 Easy Rainbow Crafts

Let’s do some colorful, colors are very important in our life. Time to do some unique, beautiful and adorable colorful crafts. Rainbow crafts which you can make at home. 11 crafts once again bring an amazing crafts. It’s an indoor activity which you can do with your children. Kids are always ready to do fun and they also love creating fun with multi-colored crafts…..  Around you whole year.

These 11 rainbow crafts for you which you can make at home with kids. Oh one more thing when you want to keep busy your kids inside the home. So try this colorful rainbow crafts and let them play with colors inside the home. They will create fun with colors as you know kids love to play with colors. So these amazing crafts are completely suits to you and your kids. Colors has an important place in our life, just imagine life without colors. Without colors life is nothing I mean bore no excitement etc. rainbow crafts are not only for kids you also can make these.

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11 Easy Rainbow Crafts

These crafts are for all ages mean toddlers, kids, older kids. Youngsters, elders and old etc. you can show a rainbow as a symbol of love hope. Love for others and hope of good. As last days people do this for hope and love in pandemic situation due to the covide 19. People hang rainbow on their doors and windows for hope and love. So you can do it yourself at home in which way you want. Colors help us in our daily routine life. We can shoe our feeling through colors our using colors. Like hope, goodness, happiness, sorrow etc. all these crafts are so simple and easy you can’t imagine. I also include their tutorial for you easiness in making these crafts. One benefit is that these are DIY (do it yourself). Try these 11 rainbow crafts………..

DIY Rainbow Tie Dye Bag:DIY Rainbow Tie Dye Bag

Tutorial: thecraftedlife

When I go to bazaar I buy things from their shopkeepers give me thing and put it on paper bag. Or other bag may same thing happened to you but sometimes bag damage during shopping other things. So I made a rainbow bag for myself for reliability. This DIY rainbow tie dye bag for you which you can use in shopping or other things. Easy to make DIY (do it yourself) watch tutorial and made this cool one for yourself with easy and quickly. Create DIY rainbow tie dye bag and give more great look to your shopping. Tutorial……..

DIY Rainbow Wood Stacking Game:

DIY Rainbow Wood Stacking Game

Tutorial: akailochiclife

Game is a thing which we can play at free time but kids play always. Kids love games love to play with games and become more beautiful when we add colors in it. This DIY rainbow wood stacking game for you. You can play with your kids or your kids can play together or with their friends. Easy to make this DIY rainbow wood stacking game at your home. Its multi colors give more gorgeous look to it. 11 crafts bring this beautiful game for you watch tutorial and make this colorful game at home. DIY (do it yourself) just watch tutorial………..

Easy Rainbow Craft:

Easy Rainbow Craft

Tutorial: pintsizedtreasures

Rainbow is a natural thing which we can see after the rain it comes when sun rays come through water. Then it explores different colors and make atmosphere beautiful and amazing. Seven colors meet together and make this planet a very gorgeous and give beautiful scene. One rainbow craft is here you are watching in picture. My child makes this for herself rainbow color hair she did it in just doing fun. I recommend you to give this full of fun project to your kids then you will see. How they make fun and made this watch tutorial and DIY (do it yourself).

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft:

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Tutorial: nontoygifts

I love rainbow from my childhood and still I love rainbow I shriek when ever rainbow appear in the sky. As I love rainbow my kids are also love rainbow. They are very excited to see a rainbow so they look to sky many time in a single day. This paper rainbow craft is for you, you can make it at home or your kids can make it easily. Just watch tutorial and do this at your home. It’s a DIY (do it yourself) project. Kids love fun so bring a project that is full of fun don’t waste time give your kids this easy project. Watch tutorial………….

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Craft:

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Craft

Tutorial: madetobeamomma

It’s time to do some fun this pipe cleaner rainbow craft is best for kids. It is full of fun you just need material to make this beautiful craft. You can do it just give confidence to your kids and you will see the result very soon. Because it is no difficult project easy to make at home and keep your kids at home. Because it is home time activity and kids will love this colorful project. Watch tutorial and DIY (do it yourself) at your own home. Collect material and give it to kid and then help him/her in this project and make it. Tutorial…………..

Rainbow Crafts For Kids:

Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Tutorial: craftsonsea

Kids always love to do fun or to do something which has fun. My kids always do more and more fun I was so worried about it. Then an idea comes in my mind and I give them craft making project. This project is colorful as well as with a lot of fun. Easy to make just collect colors a paper a pencil etc. draw rainbow on paper and then filled colors in it your rainbow craft will complete after do some more things. Watch tutorial and DIY (do it yourself) at home keep your kids home with this easy craft tutorial………..

Rainbow Cushion Crochet Pattern:

Rainbow Cushion Crochet Pattern

Tutorial: mypoppet

Crochet rainbow, ohhh opps. ! Rainbow cushion crochet pattern yes you can make a rainbow by using yarn and that Is a crochet pattern. Once again crochet in front of you last time my post was on crochet patterns which I forget to tell you about this pattern. But this is also a rainbow pattern as in picture. You can make this at home yourself for your kids or to gift to others or their kids. Watch tutorial and DIY (do it yourself) tutorial…………

Rainbow Friendship Bracelets:

Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

Tutorial: mypoppet

Friendship bracelet, rainbow friendship bracelet you can gift to other and be friend with this rainbow friendship bracelet. Bracelet is the thing which we wear in hand it gives us a cute look. People wear bracelet in which some of them they buy for own and some their friends gifted them. Rainbow friendship bracelet as in picture you are watching seven colors bracelet. Mix-up seven colors and made this beautiful bracelet it a DIY project that you can do at home with you own hands. DIY do it yourself at home by watching tutorial……….. Tutorial

Rainbow Tissue Paper Craft:

Rainbow Tissue Paper Craft

Tutorial: onecrazymom

Tissue paper craft that you can make at home but in this picture you are watching rainbow tissue paper craft. These different colors tissue paper craft you can make at home with your hands with tissue papers. In this tutorial I have a surprise for you which you will like. So let’s do this beautiful tissue paper craft its name is rainbow tissue paper craft. Watch tutorial and do it yourself with step by step guidelines…………… tutorial……….

The Cutest Rainbow Inspired DIY Clay Coasters:

The Cutest Rainbow Inspired DIY Clay Coasters

Tutorial: yourdiyfamily

The cutest rainbow inspired DIY clay coaster which I made to inspire from rainbow and make this project. That you are watching in this picture rainbow is a symbol of hope and love. It brings smile on every face whenever it is pop up in the sky. This clay coaster is for you and it is DIY which you can make at home. Sp assemble material and make it . it is full of fun I was very excited about this project to share it with you. Now I bring it for you watch tutorial and do it easily and involve your kids in this project. Tutorial………………

Watercolor Rainbow Craft:

Watercolor Rainbow Craft

Tutorial: thecraftingchicks

Kids project is here for you which you can make at home with water colors. Yes this is a DIY (do it yourself) project watch tutorial. Tutorial is with step by step guidelines for your easiness in making. This is a kids activity made this beautiful craft with water colors. Kids make many things and use colors in it. So I think that share this easy craft with you whom you can make or your kids can make at home. This is a fun project kids will love to play with water colors. For more info  watch tutorial of this craft. Tutorial……….

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