Cheap DIY Projects For Home Decor

Now we all love spending our spare time creating something unique and exciting, right? besides, that’s the best way to grow mentally and creatively. the best thing to try here is a different craft idea. But, what comes in the middle of working on such amazing craft ideas is the budget you need to arrange. Obviously, you can’t work on exciting and interesting crafts as long as you don’t have all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the craftwork successfully. Hence, what you can do instead is try out Cheap DIY Projects For Home Decor.

Enough Options for You To Stay Busy!

So you might think that if we’re offering you Cheap DIY Projects for Home Décor, they must be very limited, right? But that’s not it. instead, we offer you a wide variety of Cheap DIY Projects for Home Décor. So even if you’ve got all your friends coming over or you need an idea for every weekend of the year, this huge list of cheap craft projects would be enough to keep you busy! So what’s the wait for? It’s time you grab your crafty pants, arrange these cheap tools, and get ready to create the best and most creative crafts now!

Antler Flower Display:

Antler Flower Display DIY

Tutorial: asubtlerevelry

We all love keeping small and delicate flower decoration pieces in our home, right? But making unique and exciting vases can be hard and equally expensive at times – plus it’s quite common too. Now, what if we try out something new, unique, and more exciting? Curious to know what? We’re talking about a delicate, small, and unique antler flower display.

Beaded Fringe Basket:

Beaded Fringe Basket DIY

Tutorial: lostmom

Do you love small and delicate table organizers? If so, you might be interested in decent looking baskets that can look elegant on your table while storing all your favorite stationery inside. Now to help you make that, this creative fringe basket idea is the perfect craft for you to try out.

Bunny Planters From Recycled Milk Cartons:

Bunny Planters From Recycled Milk Cartons DIY

Tutorial: 17apart

Do your little ones love the tiny and cute bunnies? If so, you might be bound to add everything new in their rooms with the design of a bunny, right? Now, what if you can add a creative bunny planter made out of cartons – that can keep your kid’s bunny craze fulfilled while keeping them close to nature. Sounds, exciting, right? Then go for it!

Creative and Chic DIY Nightstands:

Creative and Chic DIY Nightstands

Tutorial: hgtv

Now that you’ve managed to re-design your entire bedroom with expensive and designer things, you might go out of budget for the little things, right? it’s obvious for anyone to face such situations. But don’t lose hope here, as DIY Craft Projects are always there to help you. So go ahead and try out this amazingly decent and chic nightstand Craft idea.

Designing My Own Shower Curtain:

Designing My Own Shower Curtain

Tutorial: plasteranddisaster

Bored of those basic and boring shower curtains? Now you might not have a budget to keep changing these curtains every time; especially since no one’s going to pay much attention here. But to please your soul and sight, why not design your own shower curtain? Don’t know how to do that? Then go ahead and follow this idea.

DIY Designer Wall Plates And Light Switch Covers:

DIY Designer Wall Plates And Light Switch Covers

Tutorial: apieceofrainbow

So you’ve decorated every inch and corner of your home and you are not satisfied with those boring white and dull switchboards? Yes, that’s something every creative intellect faces. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do too much on making those switch plates look exciting. Instead, just follow this easy tutorial and create cheap and attractive wall plates yourself.

DIY Frame Shelves:

DIY Frame Shelves

Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

Every single aesthetic and creative room decor picture has different types of creative frame addition, right? And as much as it seems attractive, we all have desired to have similar frames for our own space too. Now, with the help of this DIY frame shelf idea, you can easily do that. So go ahead and make your room creative.

DIY Macrame And Terra Cotta Planter:

DIY Macrame And Terra Cotta Planter

Tutorial: myfrenchtwist

No matter how many plants you have at home, having different types of planters for them is also attractive and creative. But finding new ideas every time can certainly be a struggle. However, with this macrame and terra cotta planter idea, you don’t have to look for any other idea. Just try these out in different colors and a pinch of your own creativity. And that’s all you’ll need!

DIY Nautical Coastal Decor:

DIY Nautical Coastal Decor

Tutorial: blog.birdsparty

So you’re looking for some unique and interesting wall decors for your room? For any creative person, this can be a necessity from time to time. But you don’t always have unique ideas of your own, right? Now don’t worry about that, as this easy-to-make Nautical coastal decor will do just the job for you. So go ahead, try out different themes, and make your own wall decor following this idea.

DIY Ombre Yarn Bottles:

DIY Ombre Yarn Bottles

Tutorial: deliciousanddiy

Artificial flowers don’t always go with basic and bring vases. Instead, you can go one step ahead and use more creative and attractive jars to store these flowers and give a unique look. For a more detailed idea, go ahead and check this ombre yarn bottle tutorial and try it out yourself.

DIY Pillows From Placemats:

DIY No Sew Pillows from Placemats


Tutorial: alittlecraftinyourday

Do you have plenty of placemats that you’ve been storing from your old collections? If you do, now’s the time to bring them out of the storeroom and use them to create unique and stylish pillow covers. Don’t know how you can do so? Then go ahead and check this tutorial out!

DIY Rustic Succulent Pots:

DIY Rustic Succulent Pots

Tutorial: pinkwhen

If you’re more into decent and classy decor, you might not like all that shiny and beady craft ideas. This may also cause you to use either too mainstream and boring pots for your plants, or just some over fancy ones. But don’t worry, that’s not the case anymore, as long as you’ve go this DIY rustic succulent pot idea to try out. So go for it!

DIY Strawberry Farmhouse Decor:

DIY Strawberry Farmhouse Decor

Tutorial: blog.birdsparty

Who doesn’t loves strawberries? Of course, we all do. But what about strawberry decorations? Now if you’ve got a farm you need to decorate and make it look natural and unique at the same time, then this strawberry DIY craft idea is the perfect option for you. So go ahead, check out its tutorial, and try it out for yourself.

DIY Tufted Ottoman Cover:

DIY Tufted Ottoman Cover

Tutorial: lostmom

When you’ve got a huge circle of friends or family members, there’s always more need of having comfy sofas and sitters. But while you invest in so many of these, you might lack the budget to buy decorations and covers. That’s the time when this DIY tufted ottoman cover idea can come to help you meet your decoration needs!

DIY White Brick Vase:

DIY White Brick Vase

Tutorial: sayyes

No matter how plain and boring bricks look in real, the brick decoration can always seem eye-pleasing for many. whether it’s a wall of real bricks or it’s a jewelry box in that particular design, we all love it. But what if we tell you how to make a classy white brick vase for your home decoration? Sounds, pleasing right? It looks the same too! So go try it out.

DIY Wood Nightstand With Drawer:

DIY Wood Nightstand With Drawer

Tutorial: themerrythought

Okay, woodwork can seem a little too hard and time-taking for the basic craft enthusiasts but it’s not impossible, right? Plus, since this wood nightstand with drawer comes with an easy tutorial to follow, you don’t have to worry about all that. Instead, grab some wood remaining and small pieces, and create this attractive nightstand for your bedroom.

Dresser Mirror – A Simple DIY:

Dresser Mirror – A Simple DIY 1

Tutorial: createandbabble

A mirror is a basic necessity for every woman, especially the dresser mirror. But why keep it simple and boring when you can look that mirror more attractive and feel more beautiful through it? Excited about it? Then go ahead and try out this simply DIY decoration idea of a dresser mirror – and re-create it yourself.

Easy Dollar Tree Vase Makeovers:

Easy Dollar Tree Vase Makeovers

Tutorial: polishedhabitat

If you’ve got plain glass vases in your home and you’re tired of their boring look, you can try out this easy tutorial. This way, you can give your dollar tree vases a unique makeover and make them look more creative and attractive with the interior of your room.

Fall Burlap And Metal Letter Wall Hanging:

Fall Burlap And Metal Letter Wall Hanging DIY

Tutorial: tatertotsandjello

Are you the one who is always excited about special words or seasons? If so, you might always have one special word to describe your mood or feelings for the season, right? Well then, it’s time you make that word a part of your bedroom or living room’s interior. For this, you can try out this easy burlap and metal letter wall hanging idea.

Framed Felt Quilt:

Framed Felt Quilt DIY

Tutorial: lostmom

If you’re done with the same old craft idea and want to try something unique and more colorful than anything before, then why not try making a framed felt quilt? With this easy and exciting tutorial, that would be extremely easy and exciting for you to try out. So what’s the wait for? Go for it already!

Giant Wooden Peg Board DIY:

Giant Wooden Peg Board DIY

Tutorial: vintagerevivals

Creating a portion for specific craft decorations in your home can make the added decoration look more sorted and attractive. Now for this, you can try out this giant wooden pegboard IDY idea and make your indoor decoration look more sorted!

How To Cover A Lampshade With Fabric:

How To Cover A Lampshade With Fabric

Tutorial: homedit

Now we’ve all seen different creative and attractive looking lampshades that make the lamps look more pleasing. But when it comes to designing one yourself, it might not be as easy as you think it is. But don’t worry, this fabric lampshade DIY would be perfect for you to re-do your plain lamp and its shade.

How to Make a Marimekko-Inspired Wallpaper Transfer:

How to Make a Marimekko Inspired Wallpaper Transfer

Tutorial: curbly

Do those digital lining decorations also inspire you as much as they do to others? If so, you might be interested in making this creative Marimekko-inspired wallpaper transfer and make that plain colored wall look more attractive!

Macrame 3-Pot Planter Tutorial:

Macrame 3 Pot Planter Tutorial DIY

Tutorial: myfrenchtwist

Now that you’ve learned a macrame one-pot planter in the previous ideas, you might want to step up with your planter decoration ideas, right? To help you out not that, we’ve brought ou this easy tutorial of a 3-pot macrame planter. So go ahead and try it out!

Make An Acrylic Cake Stand With A Glowforge:

Make An Acrylic Cake Stand With A Glowforge

Tutorial: akailochiclife

Since everything about birthdays has leveled up, from the blowing candles to the decorations; why do you keep the case placement basic and boring? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this more advanced and attractive cake placement idea, i.e. this unique acrylic cake stand with a glowforge.

Mid-Century DIY Coffee Table:

Mid Century DIY Coffee Table

Tutorial: ajoyfulriot

It’s time to get over those boring or too shiny table decors. Instead, find a middle decorative idea of making your home’s coffee table look more pleasing and attractive. To help you out on that, this mid-century DIY coffee table decoration tutorial is the perfect option for you. So go ahead and try it out yourself!

One Paint Three Projects with Rust-Oleum Glitter Paint:

One Paint Three Projects with Rust Oleum Glitter Paint

Tutorial: thekingstonhome

Now you can easily buy the Rust-Oleum glitter paint, right? But what if I tell you that you can make three different projects with a single paint, instead of just using it on one project? Sounds pleasing, right? Well then, go ahead and try it out yourself with this exciting tutorial.

Painted DIY White Dash Doormat:

Painted DIY White Dash Doormat

Tutorial: delineateyourdwelling

It’s time you redo those boring and basic-looking doormats and welcome every visitor with a creative and exciting painted DIY white dash doormat. Don’t know how you can do so? Well, just go through this easy tutorial and try it out yourself! Now go ahead and make your visitors pleased with your creativity.

Scalloped Concrete Planters:

Scalloped Concrete Planters DIY

Tutorial: thekimsixfix

Are you done with those light and breakable planter ideas? Okay, they might seem too light and basic at times. But now what? Wait, I’ve got an idea. You can try out this creative concrete planter tutorial and make some for yourself. Sounds like a plan, right? Then go for it!

Vintage Roll Top Desk Makeover:

Vintage Roll Top Desk Makeover DIY

Tutorial: shrimpsaladcircust

Now that you’re working on your entire home’s makeover, you can’t really miss your room’s table decoration, right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a budget for this one! Instead, this easy DIY vintage roll top desk makeover tutorial will be enough to help you make your desk look more pleasing. So go try it out!