Easy DIY Ideas With Beads For Teenagers

Hey there, young mommies and art enthusiasts? Are you all interested in trying something new and exciting for your creative and unique craftwork craving? Well, trying out craftwork with new and creative ideas like Easy DIY Ideas With Beads For Teenagers can surely be an exciting activity for your spare time. Moreover, this can also be a great way to use your craft stock in something exciting with your friends, family members, or kids. Now, who wouldn’t enjoy this exciting activity? we all would!

Work on the Most Exciting Bead Craft Ideas!

Now in case if you’re wondering whether you know enough exciting craft ideas using beads o not, let’s say you don’t have to! This is mainly because we’ve got you covered with a huge list of DIY Ideas with Beads that can keep you busy throughout the Weekends. Hence, you just need to arrange the stuff and ask your friends/relatives to come over to your space. Rest, we’ve got the ideas all arranged for you! So what are you waiting for now? It’s time you put on your crafty pants, get the right amount of beads arranged, and start discovering all these amazingly fun and creative DIY Ideas with Beads! Now let’s get to it, shall we?

Wooden Beads Napkin Ring Ideas-DIY:

DIY Wooden Beads Napkin Ring Idea

Tutorial: justthatperfectpiece

Have you got some wooden beads stored in your craft box? Well, this is the right time to use them and turn them into a creative and unique Wooden Beads Napkin Ring. Also, once you have it all ready, you can gift it to your favorite person and make them feel special with your hard work.

Wood Bead Garland for Charming Modern Farmhouse Decor:

Wood Bead Garland for Charming Modern Farmhouse Decor

Tutorial: southerncrushathome

This exciting and creative wood bead garland can be the perfect accessory for you to portray in your farmhouse/home. This way, every time you visit the place where you fix this wooden bead garland, it’ll portray your passion for hard work and creativity. Now that sounds pleasing, right? hen go ahead and try it out!

Weaving Techniques – Adding Beads To A Weave:

Weaving Techniques Adding Beads To A Weave

Tutorial: theweavingloom

Is it just me or we all love to try out different weaving techniques and make unique craftworks with them? Well, if you’re also someone who adores weaving techniques and making them look more unique, then this Beaded Weaving method is the perfect craft idea for you.

Shaving Cream And Water Bead Cupcakes:

Shaving Cream And Water Bead Cupcakes DIY

Tutorial: messforless

Do you want to try out some creative and unusual cupcake recipes? yes, we aren’t talking about the real cupcakes made of flour, instead, one’s that don’t require any baking and mixing. Besides, you can’t let your kids play with the oven yet, but you can surely help them make some shaving cream and water Bead Cupcakes, right? Then go try it out!


Perler Beads – Snowflake Ornament:

Perler Beads Snowflake Ornament

Tutorial: thechillydog

Since the winter season is all around the corner, are you excited to experience the mesmerizing snow ad snowflakes? Now we all love snowflakes and enjoy experiencing their cold feeling outside. But what if we bring them in the house? DOn’t get it? We’re simply talking about creating some exciting snowflake ornaments through beads and preparing your house for your favorite time of the year!

Pärlad Konservburk – Beaded Tin Can:

Parlad Konservburk – Beaded Tin Can

Tutorial: craftandcreativity

With so many stationery at your home, there are always some pens/pencils wandering here and there. But that doesn’t mean that all your stationery has to go missing every now and then. Instead, a better way is to create a beaded tin can like this and store all your favorite stationary inside of it – all safe and stored properly!

Painted Wooden Bead Necklace:

Painted Wooden Bead Necklace DIY

Tutorial: craftandcreativity

Necklaces are one of the most desired and adored type of accessories by all ladies. Now even if you are someone who doesn’t like shiny necklaces, this wooden painted bead necklace would surely catch your attention and heart easily. so why go for boring and basic when you’ve got this amazing DIY Necklace Idea to try out!


Modern DIY Clay & Wood Bead Mobiles:

Modern DIY Clay Wood Bead Mobiles

Tutorial: aprettyfix

Do you want to make your simple and bring walls urn into something creative and classy? Well, you’ve got plenty of interior options in shops to design your house walls perfectly. But the look and attractiveness offered by hand-made craftwork are a lot more unique and attractive. Keeping that in mind, here’s a better and more interesting idea of wood bead mobiles that you can try out yourself!

Make Your Own DIY Painted Wood Bead Necklace:

Make Your Own DIY Painted Wood Bead Necklace

Tutorial: thinkmakeshareblog

Are you looking for a bead craft idea that can help you look more attractive and modern? Well, in that case, this DIY painted wood bead necklace is the perfect DIY craft for you to try out! Since you can add multiple creative designs and colors while painting these wooden beads, there are no limitations here. so go ahead and outburst your creativity!

Leather Headband With The Merrythought:

Leather Headband With The Merrythought DIY

Tutorial: rebekahgough

Now, what can be a more creative and interesting bead craft than creating a headband? Of course, we all love leather headbands that are plain and decent. But when you can add some unique bead designs on them, it gives a different class. So go ahead and try it out yourself!

How To Spooky Eyeball Garland:

How To Spooky Eyeball Garland

Tutorial: handsoccupied

Since the Halloween season is here, you might want to try out some spooky crafts, right? Then what if we tell how to create spooky eyeball garlands, rather than some funky pumpkin decorations? That sounds like the best way to dress spooky this Halloween, right?

How To Make Word Bead Bracelets:

How To Make Word Bead Bracelets

Tutorial: sugarbeecrafts

Are you the nerd who loves reading and creating words? well then, it’s time you add that passion of yours in craftwork too! For this, you can try this word bead bracelets and wear them next time you need motivation in your English quiz!

How To Make A String Bead Necklace:

How To Make A String Bead Necklace

Tutorial: cutoutandkeep

If you’re sick and tired of all those fancy and studded necklaces? Then why don’t try out this new, unique, and decent string bead necklace? Also, since this one is a perfectly decent and attractive necklace idea, you can sure match it with any attire proudly! Sounds fun, right?

How to Make a DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet:

How to Make a DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Tutorial: helloglow

Other than the mainstream, basic looking painted bracelets, there are also more advanced and intriguing DIY Bracelets you can create on your own! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, it’s this DIY essential oil diffuser bracelet that can give you an elegant and classy look with any and every attire!

How to Make a Cute Star Phone Charm with Seed Beads:

How to Make a Cute Star Phone Charm with Seed Beads

Tutorial: pandahall

Is your phone all simple and boring from the external cover? If so, you can always try out phone charms and make your phone look more creative and artistic, right? Now to help you do that, this cure star phone charm with seed beads is the Perfect Craftwork you can try out!

How To Make A Beaded Plant Hanger:

How To Make A Beaded Plant Hanger

Tutorial: lovelyindeed

Are you a nature lover who adores taking care of plants? If so, then having a plant hanger in your home can be necessary. But why choose a simple and boring plant hanger when instead, you can make your own creative and attractive beaded plant hanger? Now go and try it out yourself!

How to Dye Wood Beads for an Awesome Keychain:

How to Dye Wood Beads for an Awesome Keychain

Tutorial: storypiece

Have you got a large stock of wood beads and don’t know where to use them? IF that’s the case, then you can always dye those beads and create unique and exciting keychains. Besides, no matter how many keychains you have, they are always less!

Hama Bead Bowl – Gifts Kids Can Make:

Hama Bead Bowl – Gifts Kids Can Make

Tutorial: redtedart

All you kids out there, are you thinking of gifting your friends or relatives some handmade crafts? Well, then why don’t you create interesting and unique bead bowls like its one and surprise your loved ones with your creativity? I’m sure they’ll love it.

Glass Bead Jack-O-Lanterns:

Glass Bead Jack O Lanterns DIY

Tutorial: abeautifulmess

Lanterns are a great way to light up any dark and dim area and make it turn into a classic and attractive space. So whether it’s your home lawn or the rooftop that needs a little re-do, this glass bead jack-o-lanterns idea would surely re-create the space perfectly! Now go try it yourself.

Easy To Make Perler Bead Doctor Who Tardis Keychain:

Easy To Make Perler Bead Doctor Who Tardis Keychain

Tutorial: majhofftakesawife

Are you a fan of blue color? Well, we all over blue, especially when it’s in something creative like keychains. So what’s stopping you from making this exciting blue keychain to match your school bag? Go for it and make your backpack look more creative and artistic!

Easy DIY Grinch Farmhouse Beads:

Easy DIY Grinch Farmhouse Beads

Tutorial: 3boysandadog

Now in terms of making unique and creative jewelry with wooden beds, you don’t just have to try out boring and same colored beads. instead, it’s time to change those boring wooden beads into Creative Grinch Farmhouse Beads and add more attractiveness n every jewelry piece you create with them!

Easy DIY Beaded Chandelier:

Easy DIY Beaded Chandelier

Tutorial: makelyhome

Okay, those metal, shiny chandeliers may look attractive and classy, but that’s not all about having chandeliers, right? instead, when you add some sort of creativity like making this beaded chandelier, you can make your living space more classy and artistic – just like your soul! Then what’s the wait for? Go for it!

Easy Beaded Moccasins Tutorial:

Easy Beaded Moccasins Tutorial

Tutorial: ilovetocreateblog

Do you love the old-school shoe fashion of mocassins? Well then, you might also adore this unique and creative craft idea of beaded mocassins, right? Don’t know yet? Then just go for it and try out your own mocassins, and flaunt with these new beaded shoes in front of your friends!

Easy Bead DIY Anklet:

Easy Bead DIY Anklet

Tutorial: helloglow

Anklets can be a highly elegant and decent type of accessory for any lady. Now if you are someone who doesn’t like too many accessories, then a recent anklet can be just perfect for you. And for that, this DIY beaded anklet is the perfect craft for you!

DIY Wood Bead Pendant Light:

DIY Wood Bead Pendant Light

Tutorial: cuckoo4design

Why are you compromising with those mainstream and boring home lights when you can create some creative lights on your own? Don’t know how? Well then, it’s you to try out this DIY wood bead pendant light and re-create your living room into something interesting.

DIY Native American Belt:

DIY Native American Belt

Tutorial: mottesblog

Are you a fan of those American beaded belts that portray a unique and different look with every design? Well then, why don’t you create one for yourself? For this, you can follow this easy tutorial and make your own attractive American belt.

DIY Jewelry – Painted Wood Bead Necklace:

DIY Jewelry Painted Wood Bead Necklace

Tutorial: sustainmycrafthabit

SO you don’t like the basics and bring wooden bead necklaces? Then you should certainly try out this classy and shiny golden wooden bead necklace and match it with all your fancy and classy dresses.

DIY Dragonfly Ornament:

DIY Dragonfly Ornament

Tutorial: lostmom

Do the dragonfly’s always amazing you with their beauty and natural appearance in the sky? Well then, why don’t you make them a part of your accessories? This can be done easily by making this cute and attractive dragonfly beaded ornament.

DIY Creole Dragon Fruit Earrings:

DIY Creole Dragon Fruit Earrings

Tutorial: petitboutdechou

Do you love the taste of dragon fruit? If so, it’s time you make this tasty dragonfruit turn into beautiful and creative beaded earrings set and make yourself look fruity and attractive! Don’t worry, it’s easy and less time-taking! SO go for it already.

DIY Candlestick With Wooden Balls:

DIY Candlestick With Wooden Balls

Tutorial: atilio.blogg.se

Since Christmas is about to arrive, you might want to use candles to decorate your home for Christmas vibes, right? Then it’s time you use those wooden beads and turn them into a creative candle holder. Besides, this can be a great money-saving way to decorate your home candles.

DIY Beaded Spiders – Halloween Decor Idea:

DIY Beaded Spiders – Halloween Decor Idea

Tutorial: makingthingsisawesome

If you have ids that are crazily excited about Halloween every year, then it’s time to treat them with a unique decoration this time. For this, you can create these attractive beady spiders and make your home look elegant and spooky at the same time.

DIY Beaded Necklace:

DIY Beaded Necklace

Tutorial: designsponge

So you don’t like overly stuffed and funky necklaces? Then it’s time you create your own simple and elegant beaded necklaces with this simple and easy tutorial. Also, you can make these necklaces in different colors and match them with each one of your outfits.

DIY Beaded Mittens:

DIY Beaded Mittens

Tutorial: thehousethatlarsbuilt

So winters coming, are prepared for it? well, you can’t be fully prepared for winter’s until you have some classy mittens in your closet. Now don’t go shopping when you can create your own beaded mittens with this easy tutorial! Sounds perfect, right? Then start creating already!

DIY Beaded Hair Comb:

DIY Beaded Hair Comb

Tutorial: curlymade

With everything full of beads and creativity, how can you adjust with a sample and boring comb? There’s no way you have to bear that when this easy DIY beaded comb tutorial is ready to help you out. So go ahead and try it out! Also, you can create multiple beaded combs and gift it to your friends and relatives!

DIY Beaded Fringe Basket:

DIY Beaded Fringe Basket

Tutorial: lostmom

No matter how many baskets you have in your home, they are always less with plenty of tiny belongings in your space. So at times like these, it’s better to try out creative DIY Baskets like this beaded fringe basket. It’s always better instead of buying plenty of boring baskets from the market.

DIY Beaded Daisy Chain Bracelet:

DIY Beaded Daisy Chain Bracelet

Tutorial: honestlywtf

Do you love daisies? Well then, it’s time you take your love for daisies to the next level by creating these attractive and unique daisy bracelets. This way, you can match it with any decent and classy attire – while looking all classy and attractive!

DIY Beaded Crochet Earrings Tutorial:

DIY Beaded Crochet Earrings Tutorial

Tutorial: cucicucicoo

Do you admire crochet work? IF so, you might be interested in making crochet earrings too, right? But don’t just go simple with crochet earrings, especially when you can try out beaded crochet earrings with this tutorial.

DIY Beaded Cage Light:

DIY Beaded Cage Light

Tutorial: nalleshouse

The best thing about living room lightings is that you can play with their creativity. considering that, it’s time you try out this bead caged light craft and make your living room loo more artistic!

DIY Bead Coasters:

DIY Fast Food Perler Bead Coasters

Tutorial: themakeupdummy

Now there are plenty of basic and boring coasters available in the market. But why are you just pausing on them when you can try something creative instead. Don’t get it? Well, we’re talking about trying out this beaded coaster craft idea. So don’t just think, go for it!

DIY Bead Clusters:

DIY Bead Clusters

Tutorial: blogspot

So you don’t like the basic and boring wooden beaded necklaces? Well then, you can always try out different beads and make unique designs for more creative necklaces. One such DIY bead necklace idea is this cluster necklace. Now don’t keep thinking, and just go ahead to try out this DIY necklace.

DIY Baby Owl Miyuki Beads Pendant:

DIY Baby Owl Miyuki Beads Pendant

Tutorial: petitboutdechou

Owls are the night bird, known to be the one’s that don’t sleep at night. Now, most of the youngsters also follow the same sleeping habit as the owls nowadays. So if you’re one of them, why don’t you showcase this habit of yours with this DIY beaded night pendant? Sounds interesting, right? Then go for it!

Decorate Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments with Perler Beads:

Decorate Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments with Perler Beads

Tutorial: merrimentdesign

If you have your friends and relatives coming over this Christmas, you might want to decorate your space in a more unique way, right? Then why don’t’ you try making this Christmas glass ball with Perler beads? Trust me, it’s extremely easy and attractive as a Christmas Decoration.

Craft Of The Day Pimped Earphones:

Craft Of The Day Pimped Earphones

Tutorial: craftandcreativity

Okay, we all love those simple, elegant, and shiny earphones just the way they are. But what happens when they get old and dirty? Well, that’s the time when you can try out these beaded pimped earphones and re-create your earphones in a unique way!

Colorful DIY Beads Flip Flops:

Colorful DIY Beads Flip Flops

Tutorial: journeycreativity

So we all love wearing flip flops on common days and needs. But this doesn’t mean that your flip flops have to be boring and mainstream, right? Instead, you can try out this DIY beaded lip flop craft and re-create those boring ones yourself.

Colorful Copper Pipe Hanging Planter:

Colorful Copper Pipe Hanging Planter DIY

Tutorial: abeautifulmess

Yes, we all love planters as a part of our home decoration. But do these planters have to be boring and plain? Certainly not! Instead, you can try making this colorful copper pipe hanging planter and make your living room or gallery look more blooming and creative – alongside nature!

Colorful Beaded Friendship Bracelets For Kids:

Colorful Beaded Friendship Bracelets For Kids

Tutorial: projectswithkids

So kids, do you want to gift your best friends with a unique and special present? If so, this craft idea of colorful beaded friendship bracelets for kids is the perfect craft idea for you to try out. SO go ahead, make this colorful friendship bracelet.

Color-Blocked Stained Wood Bead Garland:

Color Blocked Stained Wood Bead Garland

Tutorial: sisterswhat

Other than the basic colored garlands with wooden beads, you can also go one step ahead with your creativity. Don’t get it? Well, this simply means that you can try out this stained colorful wood bead garland and let go of those boring ones from your collection.

Cement Knotted Rope PB Knockoff:

Cement Knotted Rope PB Knockoff DIY

Tutorial: craftberrybush

Are you fascinated with the old-school rope and rock decorations we see in the images of old times? well, you can always make some for your own home decorations. Don’t worry, with this tutorial, it won’t be hard to make your own cement knotted rope decoration. So just go ahead and try it out!

Beaded Heart Valentines:

Beaded Heart Valentines DIY

Tutorial: homanathome

Whether it’s your best friend, your mother, your girlfriend, or your spouse; everyone deserves a valentine’s gift. But you don’t have to go overboard with the Romantic Ideas here. Especially since this DIY beaded valentine’s heart craft is better instead.

Beaded Cocktail Pick Tutorial:

Beaded Cocktail Pick Tutorial DIY

Tutorial: theviewfromgreatisl

With everything beaded and creative at your home, why are those cocktail picks plain and boring? Don’t worry, you don’t have to invest in new and interesting ones. Instead, you can try out this beaded cocktail picks craft idea on your own!

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