11 Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

Looking for crafts which you can do with your kids? As you know I love to make crafts. Sometimes people ask me about crafts. They ask me how to make crafts with their kids even they don’t know how to do it. I always said to them don’t worry crafts making is a very simple method. You do not to be crafty or regard as crafty. You can do it yourself with your hands at home. One more thing sometimes people call me on my number and said that they are stuck at home with kids. And they have nothing to do please tell me what to do. My suggestion is to make crafts with their children. Most crafts you can make in just 10 minutes. Or some can take less than semi an hour (half an hour). As you know schools are going to close on some days.

11 Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

So 11 crafts bring easy and quick crafts that you can make with your child. I know nowadays child mostly attract to technology.  Mean to say they spend their time with technical things like an android cell phone. Other technical things. Do you just think one time is this okay for you? Because in my view that things do not make them intelligent and not keep them healthy. For health, you have to do some work in which your whole body will use. One more thing kids do not take interest in their parents. It is a lack of attraction or attachment. For Build attachment more and more you have to do things with your kids. Like, make crafts and fun activities.

11 crafts going to share with you 11 Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home. You can make it with your kids at home with your hands. And develop intelligence and will to do something unique and cute. So this summer make these easy crafts with your kids and make them happy in a fun activity. 11 crafts also have step by step tutorial of these crafts. So if you stuck anywhere in making these crafts then you can take help from the tutorial.

Customized Craft Caddy:Customized Craft Caddy

Tutorial: bybrittanygoldwyn

You want to do fun with your kids oh that’s great I have something for you. I have a fun activity that you can do with your children. This is a customized craft caddy project is simple and easy. You can do it yourself at home with your child. You can see its tutorial, tutorial with step by step by guidelines. Make this cute customized craft caddy develop the abilities of your child. Tutorial for more……………. Tutorial….

Cute Iron On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers:

Cute Iron On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers

Tutorial: bybrittanygoldwyn

Here is an idea for toddlers which they can do easily. It is the idea of cute iron-on shirt ideas for toddlers. You can do it in your home with toddlers. I made this craft with my child and believe me it is so simple to do. You can do it yourself at home with toddlers. The tutorial is fully helpful for you it has step by step guidelines. Do not wait just do it as soon as possible with your toddler. Tutorial…………….

DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament:

DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament

Tutorial: danslelakehouse

I love chicken very much if you also love chicken then you also love this DIY chicken Christmas ornaments. I made it with polymer and my first attempt was blah blah blah huh lolz. When I made it after that I paint it with acrylic paint. But you can also make it with rubber. Easy to make at home with your kids it is a DIY project so do it yourself watch the tutorial. Do it with guidelines as in tutorial………..lesson…..

DIY Hexagon Dreamcatchers For Kids:

DIY Hexagon Dreamcatchers For Kids

Tutorial: consumercrafts

This is an easy idea which you can make in half an hour. I agree when my sister’s daughter asks me about a dream catcher. Everyone wants to watch good dreams all night I also want. When she asks me I started help of her in making this DIY hexagon dream catcher for kids. Detailed information in the tutorial (lesson) And also explain its every step. So watch the tutorial and do it yourself DIY hexagon dream catcher for kids. Tutorial………..

DIY Lego Display Shelves:

DIY Lego Display Shelves

Tutorial: lovelyindeed

Lego display shelves as you are watching in this picture I made it for my son. Who has many Legos but he doesn’t have a good place for them he plays with them? And set them on the ground and my room has less space. So eventually an idea came to my mind about a Lego shelve for my son. I discuss it with my husband he brings material by spending money then we made it in one hour. Now, his son is very happy he displays their Legos on that shelf. If you also want this then watch the tutorial…..lesson….. With guidelines……

Easy Paper Notebooks For Back To School:

Easy Paper Notebooks For Back To School

Tutorial: clubcrafted

It is time to go back to school right?….  I have some crafts for you that you can make with your kids at home. I always try to make cute and beautiful stationery. So this time I am going to tell you easy paper notebooks for back to school. I made it in shapes that I like but you can make you because it is a DIY project. Your children will love this craft. Enjoy making of this easy craft at home. Watch the tutorial and assemble material and do it yourself at the house. Tutorial….lesson……..

Pom Pom Bird Craft:

Pom Pom Bird Craft

Tutorial: nontoygifts

Birds are lovable but pompom birds are my favorite. So I made a pompom bird craft I hope you will love it. As I know kids also love birds especially pompom birds. DIY pompom birds craft easy to make you just need to buy material. Then you can make it at home with your kids. It is a DIY project you don’t need to spend extra money on it. Do it yourself at home and involve your kids also. Or you can gift it to your child. Watch the tutorial and do it fast as soon as possible. The lesson has step by step guidelines….. Tutorial………

Recycled Christmas Candle Centerpiece:

Recycled Christmas Candle Centerpiece

Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

Do you know that you can make awesome beautiful things with a wrapper? Which you throw away in the sense of garbage. Because you think it is not in your use now but this time saves them for the craft. The craft that is going to share with you as you are watching in the picture. It is a recycled Christmas candle centerpiece. This is a fun activity kid will love to make this craft. Watch tutorials and develop skills, for more information. Guidelines are in steps…. Watch lesson (tutorial).

Sewing a Kids Pretend Campfire Set – Free Tutorial:

Sewing a Kids Pretend Campfire Set Free Tutorial

Tutorial: firstdayofhome

My kids love to build campfires by collecting wooden sticks. I saw a sewing campfire set at the house of my friend. Then I made it at my home for my kids. Now am going to share it with you. This is free sewing a kid’s pretend campfire set tutorial. I made it in an hour but I hope you will complete it in half an hour. Depends on your speed so collect material and do it yourself at home. Make this beautiful craft and give it to your kids to play they will love it. Tutorial (lesson) for more………..

Turkey Pudding Cups for Kids:

Turkey Pudding Cups for Kids

Tutorial: craftcreatecook

If you love turkey pudding cups then I want to tell you that I also love them. When I was younger I always said to my mom to make turkey pudding cups for me in the desert. Other people like pumpkin but I don’t like pumpkin. Today am sharing a craft with you turkey pudding cups for kids. Which you can make yourself at home. Very easy to make for your kids. DIY (do it yourself project) watch step by step guidelines in the tutorial and make this beautiful craft for your kids…..

Yarn Wrapped Rock Monsters – Rock Crafts:

Yarn Wrapped Rock Monsters – Rock Crafts

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Let begin with this adorable yarn-wrapped rock monster’s rock crafts. 11 crafts bring its tutorial for you. This is a simple easy DIY project you just need rock yarn glue etc. I mean to say you need material first collect material and then begin to make it. Watch the lesson (tutorial) of this DIY (do it yourself) project and made it at home easily. Best gift for your kid’s rock crafts.

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