Summer Art And Craft Ideas For Teachers Day

Welcome your students to school with some cool and fun crafts this time of back to school. Instead of the boring and common art and craft projects you can surprise them with these Summer Art And Craft Ideas For Teachers Day which are specially rounded up for teachers.

These easy and exciting Projects are going to let your students love you a little more for being too much fun and enjoyable. The best thing about these ideas is that many of them are perform out of the classrooms so that the students feel more refreshing and fun while doing these artistic tasks with the teachers.

Summer Art And Craft Ideas For Teachers Day

One of the favorite art projects for kids and Teachers is obviously painting so here are two amazing ideas for painting. One is to do with the chalk paint spray that you can make yourself using cornstarch and tempera paint mixtures in the spray bottles. Also, take the painting level up by processing nature into your art and craft session. Bring kids berries, leaves, stems, and flowers to dip them in the paint and unleash their creativity on the canvass.

There is a gorgeous and giant princess wall art to become the project of the week for you and students having been nicely created with colorful bottle caps. Lastly, there is a cute penguin craft make of a white sock and black felt. Check out these crafts in details right below!

Reindeer Candy Canes:

DIY Reindeer Candy Canes

(Summer Art Ideas For Teachers Day) This super cute idea of the reindeer candy canes is the best gift for the Teachers while going back to school. Just grab two candy candies and join them with their heads in the opposite direction. Then tie up brown twine at the bottom and add googly eyes and faux pom nose to it and the reindeer look is done. Details here!


Tutorial: instructables

DIY Princess Peach Pointillism:

DIY Princess Peach Pointillism

This lovely DIY princess peach pointillism makes a perfect gift for the teachers. You would be surprised to know that the gorgeous princess portrait has been made out of colorful plastic bottle caps. The idea of this craft is super exciting and the kids would love to lend you a helping hand in this too. More details here!


Tutorial: instructables

Painting with Nature Process Art:

Painting with Nature Process Art DIY

(Summer Art Ideas For Teachers Day) Teachers can share this lovely idea of painting with the natural process art with their students and have a fun art and craft session. This lovely idea of the painting is do with painting with real flowers, twigs, leaves, berries, and more. As this craft involves playing with the paint so kids are going to be so excited about it. Details here!


Tutorial: schooltimesnippets

Easy Chalk Spray Paint Recipe:

Easy Chalk Spray Paint Recipe

Make summer art classes on a fun level with this new activity of easy chalk spray paint recipe. kids would love to make this chalk spray paint. The chalk spray paint is made with mixing cornstarch and the washable tempera paint in the spray bottles. They can mix up all the colors and create a pretty painting pattern of their own. Details here!


Tutorial: teaching2and3yearolds

How To DIY Sock Penguin:

How To DIY Sock Penguin

(Summer Art Ideas For Teachers Day) Want to have fun with your students? If yes then make this pretty DIY sock penguin with them. You need a white sock and fill it with stuffing and then add the googly eyes and black felt cut body portions and feet. Also, add a yellow cut nose to your penguin.  Follow the details here!


Tutorial: instructables


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